'The Financial Plan Intensive'...
Creating comfort, security and peace of mind that financial success brings.

In todays world of complexity and uncertainty, to many people are struggling with cash-flow, paying too much tax, not saving enough for retirement whilst having way too much debt. Ulimately all of which leads to a society on a never ending treadmill which is way to financially exposed.

'The Financial Plan Intensive' is a 4 hour event that I have designed in order to provide you with financial security. It will give you a clear understanding along with some simple processes that will enable you to take those important steps to creating your own financial plan.

It involves cutting-edge strategies, innovative ideas and best practices that are required for you to improve your financial performance, get the most out of your money, maximise your investment returns, and simply  remove the day to day financial stress that comes with life in general.

Quite frankly, I’m going to take a very new approach to teaching, cutting through the red tape and confusion, and I think you’ll be in for quite a few surprises.

More importantly, I'm going to share the very best of what is working for my clients right now in this world of financial chaos and confusion, and I'm going to do it in 4 short hours in this limited event called 'The Financial Plan Intensive'.

David Loughnan

 Senior Financial Planner

Elements Financial Planning Pty Ltd ABN 96 158 025 953
Corporate Authorised Representative (No.421682) of Aon Hewitt Financial Advice Limited  ABN 13 091 225 642 AFSL No 239183.



4 hours - Limited spaces available.

Customize your experience at 'The Financial Plan Intensive' through 9 cutting-edge strategies.

A simple 3 step process that will increase your Cashflow.

Learn how to increase your cashflow and reduce wasted spending, so that those quaility family holidays you've always dreamed about become reality.


Paying too much tax? Learn how to minimize taxes and maximize returns.

Learn how to structure your finances correctly, minimising your taxes legally whilst building your wealth at the same time. 

Best practices that will INSURE your assets are properly protected.  

"Where would you or your family find the money needed for immediate medical bills, loss of wages, mortgage repayments, day-to-day living costs, or even funeral expenses if you got sick or had an accident tomorrow…?”

Create Automated Debt Management systems.

Learn how to save money on fees whilst getting the best interest rates available. Create action plans that pay off debt automatically, removing any worries and instead leaving you with peace of mind.

Fast track Superannuation with rapid growth plans.

Does anyone ever have enough money in super! Well learn about our custom rapid growth formula that is designed to get your super back on track.

Your Estate Planning. Don't leave it to chance! 

A good estate plan requires the involvement of skilled legal, accounting and financial specialists to ensure that the right assets end up in the right hands at the right time.

Investment Planning designed to increase income and wealth.

Discover an innovative 4 step sequence used by EFP clients that takes advantage of investment opportunities as they arise in such a fast paced global environment.


Retirement is for enjoying, not worrying about running out of money!

It's simple Plan now - enjoy later.
Learn how to create a retirement income for life!


Key updates and  reviews are essential to keeping your finances ON TRACK!

In a world of complexity and uncertainty, changes impact on financial plans daily. Therefore it's important that your financial plan be reviewed at least annually to ensure that your finances continue to work the best for you.

4 Action Packed hours.

This event will be EMPOWERING, educating, deepening and growing relationships. Please note; that because the Intensive is so hands on, seats are limited.  Therfore if you do not want to miss out it is important that you book immediately.

Free Brisbane Event

Sat 14th May  9am - 1pm

Talk of the town.

Heres what other clients are saying about what we do at Elements Financial Planning.

We found David to provide extremely valuable advice, a professional plan and a supportive environment.
We found him dynamic,real,up front and a man of integrity. David has taken away the anxiety that we had associated with finances, he had put tools in place so that we can take control. David has empowered us on many levels, we always walk away from our appointments feeling up lifted and positive about our direction and our future!

Jason & Di

Financial Friend for Financial Final Years – “It takes a lot for me to trust but after spending time with David Loughnan and his lovely wife we were so happy to finally believe in someone to guide us through to our financial retirement goal. Great people-great plan now excited about retirement thanks to David".

Bruce & Tammy

As self-funded retirees my husband always enjoyed handling our finances and he did it well. However his health deteriorated so l handed the task to David of Elements Financial Planning and I am glad I did. He recommended slight adjustments to our portfolio and explained clearly each step to me which he assures me will see me to a ripe old age.


Before meeting David we where quite disillusioned and rather unsure about how best to plan for our financial future with both investments and insurance, but after meeting him and having a discussion we are a lot more focused and reassured, thanks David.

Simon & Debbie

I first went to see David Loughnan from Elements Financial Planning on a no fee consultation to have a chat. After talking with David I knew he was the right person to handle our affairs and point us in the right direction. Although I consider ourselves as a small player I have been in contact with him on many occasions and he has also initated many calls to check on us. On things David has put into play for us he has saved us his fees three times over this year alone. We can not recommend David highly enough as he definely turned our finances and lives around. Thank you.

Harry & Sandra

I was previously insured through the guidance of another Financial Planner until I had to make a claim. The claims process with my previous planner was more painful than the injury itself! Since making the change to David Louhgnan who was referred to me through an associate of both of ours, I have had to undertake a number of claims. All of which have been stress free. David found problems with my current insurance setup and has also now insured me properly.